There are many off-the-shelf software products available on the market that cover multiple standard aspects of your business: accounting, HR, sales etc… .
However, does it really match your business specifics?
Will it be compatible with your environment?
Will your employees know how to use it?
Moreover, many other costs are associated to the acquisition of a new software, and that is in addition to the license that comes with it:

  • Integrate and install your software within your Information System
  • Training and change management
  • Software maintenance and enhancements needed to grow with your business


In brief, acquiring new software is not an easy decision and Premio Consulting knows it. Our team will work with you to understand your business and its processes to design and develop a tailored and scalable solution that will meet your business needs. Desktop/web/server or mobile applications, our team has proven success developing custom solutions for multiple industries, using Java, J2EE, C# along with major DBMS on the market such as MSSQL, Oracle or MySQL. From requirements gathering to post implementation meetings, Premio Consulting has the core skill to transform your business requirement into the turnkey IT solution you require.